Residential Ice Bath Annual Maintenance

Regular price£800.00

All our Ice Baths are designed to run with super low maintenance requirements, but depending on where you locate your bath and how much usage it receives you may to give your Ice Bath a little extra TLC. That’s where our full ice bath service comes in, this includes:


  • Emptying the bath
  • Cleaning the insert (tub, bath or plunge), top and sides of the bath
  • Removing the vents and cleaning the compartment area, removing dust & debris that can collect there
  • Load any new software updates onto the bath (we are always refining our software to cool, maintain temp and create ice as efficiently as possible)
  • Replace filter
  • Replace UV bulb or Ozone unit depending on your bath model
  • Check the compressor, pump, electrics and piping for anything that could cause a future issue
  • Refill the bath, bleed the filter and set back to the temperature you had it set to (remember from tap water it can take up-to 24 hours for the bath to be back below 2 degrees)
  • We also leave you with four new filters & an additional UV bulb (unless Ozone bath)
  • *Only available in the UK for now

Post purchase we will arrange a time that suits everyone to come and carry out the servicing.

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