Chill with Sweaty AF

Hot Sips X Cold Dips

Join us on a biohacking adventure as we explore the depths and diversity of cold water immersion benefits with the Sweaty AF podcast team. Hosts and biohacker pros, Joey and Lucy sit down with an incredible line-up of guests to sip a cup of Nootropics coffee before taking the plunge in a Brass Monkey Ice Bath. Listen in as we dive into the world of cold water immersion combined with coffee, yoga, mental health, science, sport, and recovery with experts doing incredible things in their field.

Meet our hosts

Joey and Lucy met at a wellness and longevity studio in London. When they discovered their shared passion for health optimisation they started a podcast, recording each episode from the Infrared Sauna, and so ‘Sweaty AF’ was born. With an infectious combination of banter and scientific chat, the podcast following exploded with demand for more info on the products, discoveries, and trends they shared in each episode. Now an online shop with sections devoted to health and wellbeing advice, the duo are unstoppable.

Cool operator

Cold water immersion is one of the most ancient forms of biohacking, used throughout time to train the mind, boost energy, conquer fear, build immunity, speed up recovery, and maintain brain health, focus, and mental wellbeing. In each episode, we get to know the people behind the practice and explore their personal cold water journey.

Episode 1: London Nootropics: Coffee & Cold Therapy

Shez and Zain, founders of London Nootropics got the backing they needed after appearing on Dragon’s Den back in 2022. Staunch believers in the powers of aptogens, a group of plants and mushrooms that help the body’s response to stress, anxiety, fatigue and overall wellbeing, they had a vision to combine these ingredients with something delicious we enjoy every day; coffee. Since launch, their blends have helped people with ADHD, Menopause, long work shifts, achieving new personal bests, and reaching their life goals. So how does cold water immersion support their mission and how do they personally tackle the ice? Join us for an intoxicating blend of cold and coffee as Zain chats to Joey and Lucy about his deliberate cold exposure experiences, contrast therapy and remembering to breathe.