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Introducing Brass Monkey X Grantley Hall

Five star cold experience

Grantley Hall is a hotel nestled deep in the Yorkshire Dales, offering the ultimate in luxury across the guest experience. Their Three Graces Spa centres on a balanced wellness philosophy, blending state-of-the-art facilities with tranquil surroundings to meet the high expectations of their guests.

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Sourcing the exceptional

True luxury hospitality means staying ahead of the curve. The hotels’ market research revealed a growing interest in experiential wellness activities, with guests seeking ways to challenge themselves physically and mentally. The introduction of an ice bath experience aligned with the hotel’s mission to offer ‘unique and transformative opportunities that leave a lasting impact’ - and so, The ‘Nordic Spa Garden’ concept was born, but choosing the right partners who could match the Relais & Châteaux high-end aesthetic and outstanding experience needed careful consideration.

Monkeys in the garden

The team discovered Brass Monkey through our social media ambassadors and shared the idea with the owning family who agreed we were an ideal fit. In their words, ‘Brass Monkey's expertise and reputation for delivering top-tier wellness solutions made [us] the perfect partner to bring this vision to life’. Working closely with the facilities team, two Commercial Plunge Ice Baths finished in Gray Blue with Antique Oak Millboard top, flanking a cedar wood sauna were tailor-made and installed to complete the Nordic Spa Garden. A full suite of training materials were also provided to ensure the Grantley Hall team was confident advising guests on site and promoting the experience.

Refreshing experiences

The ice baths now provide Hotel guests with the opportunity to push themselves out of their comfort zone and try something new. For some, it’s been a bonding exercise as well as a challenge among friends and family. For seasoned ice bath users, it allows them to continue their cold-exposure practice in the comfort of the hotel, with some guests enquiring further about the Brass Monkey brand to upgrade their home ice bath experience.

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“From the outset, Brass Monkey demonstrated an unwavering dedication to quality and excellence. The craftsmanship and attention to detail evident in their ice baths testify to their commitment to perfection. The use of premium materials and meticulous engineering ensures not only stunning aesthetics but also long-lasting durability. Their professionalism, clear communication and willingness to tailor their solutions to our specific needs have made the entire process effortless. We are excited about the continued partnership with Brass Monkey as we strive to provide nothing but the best to our cherished guests.”

Gillian McGraffin, Spa & Wellness Manager, Grantley Hall

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