Your Brass Monkey is built for you to make friends with the cold. And like any healthy friendship, it needs to be built on a mutual respect. To ensure the experience with your Brass Monkey is only ever positive, follow this guidance to ensure your monkey is happy and you stay healthy.

Electricity and water

Electricity and water don’t mix! To protect your Brass Monkey, yourself and your loved ones, our products must only be connected to electric power that meets the following criteria:

-Your ice bath must plug directly into a socket

-Never use extension cables or adaptors!

-The socket must be connected to a RCD (Residual Current Device) protected circuit that is earthed

If you are unclear if your household circuit and electrics are RCD protected, speak to a fully qualified and Part P-registered electrician to check for you.

Never plug your unit in without being sure of RCD protection.

Keeping clean

Keeping the water clean is good for you, and as it keeps the water free flowing, its good for your monkey too.

Though bacteria grows very, very slowly in cold water, it is still there.

Dirty water in your ice bath means lots of bacteria, pathogens and the clogging up of the filters with debris that strains the filtration system. Left unattended you’ll break the pump, and risk getting very sick with the bacterial load in the water.

It’s essential that you follow these regular maintenance steps:

-Filter Change: Filtration keeps the water clear by removing the debris, dead skin and hair. Change the filter every month. A re-usable filter must be cleaned and dried prior to re-using it.

-UV bulb check: The UV kills the bacteria and pathogens so long as the water is clear. Check the indicator bulb weekly and expect to change the bulb every year.

-Full clean: Fully empty and clean your ice bath every 3-4 months, a full system flush with a chlorine based hot tub solution works great too if the tub gets very dirty

Respect the cold

The cold is a powerful hormetic stressor, it will reliably kill you in a high dose. Yet, experienced little and often it helps your body and mind a little bit stronger, day after day, which in turn makes you stronger in your everyday work, life or sport.

Keep the cold as your warm friend by going gentle. Consider first making friends at 7-10°c for around one minute. In only one month it’s possible to work your way to lower temperatures and sit in water under 3°c for a few minutes. Please, always go gentle.

Any medical conditions must be checked with your doctor, the cold is a powerful wellbeing tool, it's not a panacea for every health condition.

If you are practising Wim Hof Method to prepare for ice bathing, or a similar ‘hyperventilation style’ method of breath work, this should be done laid down on the floor and not sat non top of your ice bath. The top deck of your brass monkey is only ever for relaxation, meditation and gentle breathing as a means to focus prior to your ice dip.

We’re pretty sure your Brass Monkey will become a talking point between you and people you care about. So if they want to have a go and start their own journey, share this advice and help them take it slow and make friends with the cold, too.

a warm squeeze image from Brass Monkey

We're here to help

If you have any questions about safety and your Brass Monkey, then feel free to contact us. Martin and the team are on hand to guide you through your journey with the ice.We also have a handy FAQ section, where we cover off topics such as "Do I leave the Bath switched on?". Click here to check it out.