New science. Ancient biology.

We’re Brass Monkey®. We make ice baths that do good and look good. We’re not doctors. We’re not scientists. But do pay close attention to the ever-emerging scientific evidence proving what cultures around the world have known for thousands of years. Cold water immersion triggers biological reactions in the body reserved for our survival. By controlling the water’s temperature and the time we’re immersed, we take the health benefits without facing the real dangers our ancient biology is designed to protect us from.

Lady getting into ice

"Feel good" hormone effect

The greatest biological influence that cold exposure has on the body is the vast increase in "Feel good" hormone production.

A consistent 200-300% rise that doesn’t diminish over time. And, the colder the temperature, the more robust the body’s response. In fact, the same levels of increase can be achieved from 20-30s in near freezing water, compared to a 6 hour walk in 16°c weather.

Happy lady with Brass Monkey Ice Bath
Happy lady with Brass Monkey Ice Bath

Protein power PGC-1alpha

Cold exposure increases our metabolism at a cellular level. Production of a protein called ‘PGC-1alpha’ is stimulated when we immerse ourselves in the cold.

It’s another target for pharmaceutical giants in their development of treatments for obesity, diabetes and cardiomyopathy. In muscle tissue, the increased energy released heightens our aerobic capacity, improving endurance and fatigue resistance.

Immune boosting

The anecdotal evidence supporting the view that cold water immersion boosts the immune system is overwhelming. Studies where we hear “I haven’t been ill for years” are in no short supply.

But, because the immune system is one of the most complex functions in the human body there are no robust scientific studies that can prove it – yet. We know the cold adapts our body in all manner of ways.

Along with many others, at Brass Monkey®, we believe that our immune system learns, adapts and hardens the body to disease and infection.

Brass Monkey custom ice bath with lady
Brass Monkey custom ice bath with lady

Increased number of ‘Killer T cells’.

We know that the cold stressors of winter swimming challenge our immune system and the way our hormones communicate with our bodies. Results indicate that adaptive reactions take place in regular winter swimmers. Their production of the body’s strongest antioxidant ‘glutathione’ is also increased. Just 3 cold water sessions over a 6 week period was shown to increase lymphocyte numbers. Lymphocytes are one of the body’s main types of immune cells. One study even found that males exposed to 4°c for only 30 minutes showed an increased number of virus-eliminating cells called ‘Killer T cells’.

Our free guide to Deliberate Cold Exposure Our free guide to Deliberate Cold Exposure

Our free guide to Deliberate Cold Exposure

Multiple sources now prove that a practice of cold water therapy is unequivocally good for us.

Here's why and how to get yours!

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