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A personalised path to wellbeing A personalised path to wellbeing

A personalised path to wellbeing

HOOKE offers an unparalleled, pre-emptive approach to wellness focusing on helping people live better for longer. For every client, a unique longevity strategy is created based on advanced assessments integrating medical, nutritional, fitness, and cognitive healthcare, performed by a world-leading medical team. Always at the forefront of science and technology across these four areas, the introduction of a heat contrast therapy suite was always part of the plan. Outside of residential properties, HOOKE was the first building to have an Ice Bath, offering an unmatched experience in the heart of London.

The power of contrast The power of contrast

The power of contrast

For clients working with HOOKE on performance optimisation, whether that’s maximising their physical capabilities, supporting energy levels and focus, or recovery from injury, heat contrast therapy forms an important part of their programme. Offering experiences and treatments at the forefront of science and technology is something HOOKE prides itself on, and so Brass Monkey was their first choice for the cold.

One of a kind One of a kind

One of a kind

Hooke is unique in its approach to wellbeing, therefore it was only right that their Ice Bath was unique too. The team opted for a complete custom build to fit seamlessly with their sauna, clad in vertical cedar wood slats and installed in a partly concealed area to enhance privacy and focus. The contrast recovery suite is also a private bookable experience that has to deliver on aesthetics and performance, so understanding the HOOKE brief was crucial. Consulting on how that experience should play out helped Brass Monkey support the installation and advise the team on how to guide clients through their cold water immersion. 

“Every single client has a positive experience, and they enjoy the contrast of using both versus one or the other so that’s a great selling point for us. The Brass Monkey team was always on-hand to answer any questions that we had at the start regarding maintenance when we were in the early days, and Dan (co-founder of Brass Monkey), was there in person to show us how to maximise the experience of the Ice Bath, such as using the ‘Drishti’ Focus point at eye level inside the bath to support with focus. Brass Monkey are the best in the industry - we have personal experience with other Ice Bath brands and nothing comes close.”

Dennis Cole - Facilities & Corporate Services Manager

Brass Monkey at
Grantley Hall Brass Monkey at
Grantley Hall

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Brass Monkey at
Grantley Hall

Grantley Hall is a hotel nestled deep in the Yorkshire Dales, offering the ultimate in luxury across the guest experience. Their Three Graces Spa centres on a balanced wellness philosophy, blending state-of-the-art facilities with tranquil surroundings to meet the high expectations of their guests.

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