Gen2 Upgrade

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If eco-mode, remote control and guided ice baths sound of interest, then your ice bath has the potential to become so much more with just some new parts and a day of TLC. Only relevant to Gen1 customers who purchased their bath prior to September 2022, our Gen-2 upgrade pack is simple to do. It requires several new components plus a new electronics pack that connects to wifi and bluetooth, this whole process takes a day plus some overnight testing before we commission it. To do it, we can either return your bath back to our workshop or complete the upgrade at your home. Bringing your Ice bath to a Gen-2 spec will mean: Improved ice making, reliable during the warm summer days, Up to 50% less power consumption through eco-mode, Wifi enabled and remote controlled, wherever you are, Scheduling and vacation mode(coming soon), Auto software updates and remote support, Guided ice baths from experts (coming soon)While we are with your bath we will also clean and service the bath, including, drain + cleaning of the steel, top deck re-oil, compartment area and grills clean. We will also replace your filter and UV bulb (or Ozone).To complete the upgrade we can either collect your ice bath, return it to our workshop and drop it back off with you or we can complete the upgrade at your property. To complete at your property we would need access to the bath for 1.5 days as we have to pressure test the system for at least 12 hours.

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