Free Deliberate Cold Exposure Guide

Our free, no-strings guide to using cold water immersion to improve your mental and physical health

Multiple sources now prove that a practice of cold water therapy is unequivocally good for us. Here's why and how to get yours!

I found the cold first in late 2018, via the Wim Hof Method, and it was bloody awful. I hated it. And yet I knew it was right for me, that it would become something important for my health, a part my life, this culminated in forming Brass Monkey® late in 2020. Today I cannot imagine life without cold dipping!

This simple guide is a much more organised version of my notes and links over the last few years. I'm not a doctor or scientist, and it is not perfect - it will forever be a work in progress, so if you find better information to share here or perhaps things that you want to edit or question, then please email me at to get that reviewed and likely included (with a mention for you!).

Dan - Founder

Section 1: Why Its Important to

Get your cold on®

Why is everyone talking about cold water immersion anyway?

Why the word ‘deliberate’ matters

Know your “Why” for cold water exposure

Not all stress is created equal, so get the right stress to get strong

Why is cold water such a powerful stressor, above all others?

Section 2: Understanding cold water therapy 


How our bodies detect and react to the cold

The benefits for brain health, mental health, mood and mindset

The benefit of cold exposure for metabolism and weight loss

The benefits of the cold in immune system strengthening

The benefits of cold exposure for inflammation and performance

Section 3: Building a cold water immersion


Approach to cold water immersion and protocols for everyday use
Cold adapted vs not
The key to success in adapting is consistency
Establishing some broad guidelines
An approach for newbies and cold water therapy

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