Warranty Information

Warranty Information

Brass Monkey extends a 2-year Limited Warranty, which applies to the use of the Brass Monkey residential ice baths, plunges, barrel and chiller only. Extended 5-year warranty on the cooling system and on-board computer (if the bath is connected to wifi and setup using the App within 30 days of delivery)

Brass Monkey extends a 1-year Limited Warranty for commercial/pro ice baths, plunges or barrels.

The Limited Warranty includes replacing parts shown to have defects in workmanship and covers defects or malfunctions that arise during normal use conditions. The Limited Warranty does not cover damage as a result of:

-Adding chemicals (unless confirmed in writing) to the water
-Neglected filter care and replacement (If you are unsure about when and how to replace your filters please contact support@brassmonkey.co.uk)
-Power outages
-Lack of attention to low water flow
-Restricted airflow
-Or any other form of neglect, misuse or abuse.

    Specific other exclusions apply, as further described in this Limited Warranty. The Limited Warranty applies only to defects discovered within the applicable Limited Warranty period and only so long as the product remains in possession of the original purchaser (or original owner if purchased as a gift).

    All parts covered under this warranty are warrantied for a period of 2-years from the date of delivery.

    Residential & Commercial Ice Baths (inc Plunges & Duo’s)

    Steel and stainless steel

    Every unit is built around a steel sub-frame with a stainless steel tub inserted; this is 304 gauge stainless steel for residential units, unless upgraded. It is 316 gauge for commercial products. This is because it’s tough, has excellent corrosion resistance and will last a lifetime, if it’s cared for.

    Natural wood is unique, not defective

    If you selected a wooden top deck, or side cladding, they are made from natural wood. Wood will have some variation in color/grains, or imperfections, which are considered natural. These variations are not considered defects. For outdoor units, some deterioration may happen due to the weather in spite of the best of treatments. Wood surfaces are subject to denting, scratching, etc. if not properly used and cared for. Any repairs are at the cost of the customer, not Brass Monkey. Since each unit is individually handmade, they will have minor variations in size, shape, and finish. Our team goes to great lengths to ensure high-quality products; we celebrate wood as a natural material.

    Our Barrels are made from a slightly different wood to that used in our residential and commercial ice baths. Our barrels are made from oak and while upcycled and repaired they are still a natural product. The drying of wood if not used for periods of time can lead to small gaps, these typically reseal within a matter of hours as the wood expands again, and may appear as a small leak while the wood expands. We recommend only having barrels outdoors for this reason. The leak, if it ever appears would be a small drip.

    Warranty Limitations and Exclusions

    -The condensing unit, chiller, water pump, UV and electrics all carry a 2-year warranty.
    -The top deck and side cladding panels as well as the steps all carry a 2-year warranty.
    -Replacement filters are available for purchase, but replacement is entirely the customer’s responsibility. Brass Monkey is not responsible if a customer loses or damages parts replacing their filter.
    -This warranty is automatically void if Brass Monkey determine that the product has been altered, abused, neglected or in any other way mistreated or used for any other purpose.
    -The customer is responsible for regular maintenance of the product. Any problems or failures arising from failure to provide proper maintenance, including using chemicals will void this warranty. Using improper or harsh cleaning agents will also void this warranty. This warranty will be void if the customer uses any replacement parts or accessories not genuine or original to the unit or provided by Brass Monkey.
    -All repairs must be performed by an approved agent of Brass Monkey. Repairs performed by someone not approved in advance by Brass Monkey will not be covered under this warranty. The customer accepts full liability for any repairs provided by someone not approved by Brass Monkey and accepts it renders the Limited Warranty invalid.
    -The liability, if any, of the manufacturer, Brass Monkey, shall not exceed the original purchase value of the product covered under this warranty. Brass Monkey is not responsible for any incidental damages that may occur after delivery. Brass Monkey is not liable for any injury or loss that arises from any defect covered under this limited warranty, either incidental or consequential, including but not limited to, loss of use of the product even if Brass Monkey was made aware of potential damage prior to occurrence of said damage.


      If you have a problem, we will help

      For service under this Limited Warranty, please call +441135267255 , or contact us at support@brassmonkey.co.uk. Please provide us with the following information: name of purchaser, proof of purchase, dated receipt, item purchased, and as much detail as possible concerning the problem or failure. Claims must be made within the specified warranty period, as above. Most warranty issues will be easily handled over the phone with a Brass Monkey engineer. If a repair covered under this warranty is necessary, within the applicable warranty period, the cost of part(s) are covered by Brass Monkey, including any shipping related costs to mainland UK and engineer costs to repair the problem, this may be an employee of Brass Monkey or a local engineer. Outside of the mainland UK, Brass Monkey will ship parts for a local engineer to fit under our remote supervision. In either case, most repairs can be performed within 2 hours.

      Getting the service that you expect

      Brass Monkey reserves the right to determine whether a covered part or item should be replaced or repaired, we know how our units work. Any component(s) repaired or replaced under this warranty shall be warrantied for the remainder of the original Limited Warranty time period. If the services of an approved general service provider is required, Brass Monkey will cover the associated costs within the Limited Warranty period. 

      If on-site repairs are not possible for a repair/replacement covered under this Limited Warranty, Brass Monkey may, at its discretion, either provide a replacement unit (of equal value) or have the product shipped to/from the factory facility for repairs. Any repaired or replaced product will be warrantied for the remainder of the original applicable Limited Warranty period.

      We’re still here outside of the Limited Warranty period

      Brass Monkey will continue to offer phone support for issues occurring after expiration of the warranty period as it sees fit. However, the customer will be 100% responsible for any associated costs such as parts, labor, shipping, etc after expiration of the applicable warranty period.