Brass Monkey Custom

Ice baths your way

Our custom ice baths are limited to your imagination. They’re as unique as the person sinking into the cold. It’s why every bath is designed and hand-built to create the exact experience you want.

Why custom?

We understand the power of the aesthetic. To calm, to empower, or excite. When it comes to your vision, we’re here to make it all possible. A Brass Monkey can be built in nearly any size. Wrapped and clad in any colour or material. Supplied naked. Lit in a colour and style to suit your concept. Installed almost anywhere and anyway. Completely sunken into the ground, inside or out. We’ve yet to discover a bath we can’t build, so run wild.

Elevated Experience
Our team of experts is here to deliver a super smooth service. With experienced design consultations, site visits to capture every detail, liaising with your suppliers, and providing CAD drawings to full project management and installation, we’re there to hold your hand as little or as much as you need.

How it works

Every vision is unique with its own details and requirements, but typically, every project will follow a similar process that looks like this…

Step 1: Talk through your vision and any special requirements

Step 2: If needed, a site visit will take place at this stage

Step 3: Agree on the specification of all aspects, from technical to design

Step 4: Align on the role of any project partners or suppliers

Step 5: Timelines and pricing are agreed

Step 6: Manufacturing begins, and your delivery date booked

Step 7: Delivery and installation of your Brass Monkey

Why Brass Monkey?

Patented technology- Did you know, the Brass Monkey is the only ice bath that creates and releases its own ice? Our patented technology chills the water down to just 0.1°C, and all the way up to 10°C if that’s what you need. With a dual filtration and UV light cleaning system to keep the water fresh and dip-ready, you can spend more time in the cold and less time on maintenance.

Companion app- Set your water temperature remotely, track your progress, dive into guided dips and video content to help you get the most from your immersion, and receive software updates and maintenance assistance, all at the touch of a button. With the Brass Monkey app, we’re with you every step of the way. 

Made in Britain- Our team of innovators, engineers, and specialists build every Brass Monkey from the ground up, right here in the UK. Our baths are built to last, crafted from premium materials for an enduring friendship with the cold.

Bespoke and beyond- If you can dream it, we can build it. Our specialist team can make any bath or plunge just the way you want. From the way it looks to where and how it’s installed, our bespoke models are completely unique to you, but all deliver the same outstanding performance.

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Tell us as much about your project in as much detail as possible, and our team will be in touch within 48 hours.

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