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We make ice baths that look great and are exciting to get in. Our team of innovators, craftsmen and specialists partner with local engineers and experts to ensure that we make the best product possible. Something that we have built where we live, with people who live near here and that we’re proud to ship to the world. Every day we find a little way to make it better than yesterday.


Frontend Shopify Developer

Frontend Shopify developer to help take our online experience to the next level.

Service & Install Engineer

Installing custom & commercial ice baths and supporting in their repair & servicing.

We built the ice bath that we wanted to buy

It was mid 2020 and Dan, the founder of Brass Monkey®, converted a chest freezer into an ice bath. Was it safe? No! Was it problematic? Very. Did it help him at a difficult period in his life? Absolutely, invaluable. He felt like a different person to the one that climbed in only a couple of minutes before—jumping in whenever he got a moment. Then he wondered, how many other people could benefit from having a safe way of accessing ice cold water?

Brass monkey staff

Shared beliefs.

Beliefs are behaviours. Common beliefs bring people together, they built community. That's exactly what we want to build throughout Brass Monkey. The company was founded on the following beliefs, even if you don’t leave them yet, try them on for size, if they feel good, get in touch…

The cold is a warm friend

Strong bodies are not born

Resilient minds rock

Fitness is 100% mental

Feeling happy is everybody's birthright