Ice Plunge

Ice Plunge XL with Millboard & Steel Finish

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Supersized Resilience

Designed for our taller & larger customers our plunge XL is perfect for those over 6ft 4 &/or over 16stone to ensure you can have a fully submerged plunge without issue. Blending two super durable materials together gives you the ultimate flexibility with your ice plunge XL. Designed to withstand the harshest of environments with ease this ice plunge is designed for pool rooms or particularly harsh external environments (e.g. strong UV exposure). With the same deep and fully immersed seating position and underlying technology as our other ice plunges you can expect the same ice sheets, temperatures as low as zero and minimal maintenance. Choose from one of the 8 millboard finishes for your ice plunge top and match that with one of our 9 core colours. Plunge dimensions: 190cm long, 94cm high and 91cm wide. To view our product comparison guide click here.

Key Features
  • Automated ice creation
  • 45 finishes to choose from
  • Always on UV & filter cleaning