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We believe you and your clients deserve the best experience from Brass Monkey. So we created ProCare, a complete support package that comes as standard with every model across our ranges. An ongoing personal service dedicated to maximising your investment. 

Whether it’s helping your team get comfortable supporting your members to get their cold on, optimising your Plunge performance, supporting with maintenance or fixing a mechanical fault, ProCare gives you peace of mind we’re on hand whenever you need us.

ProCare support features ProCare support features

ProCare support features

Dedicated Account Manager 

Your single point of contact is responsible for maximising your experience with Brass Monkey. Reach out to them to discuss a technical issue, arrange in-person training or materials to help your team support your clients with the cold, or general enquiry about your Plunge. They’re there to ensure your experience is a positive one. 

Same-day weekday remote support response

Protecting uptime and your member experience is paramount, so we guarantee a speedy response. We’ll get back to you the same day and do everything in our power to fix any issues remotely. If you’re in a different time zone, we’ll get back to you when we’re back at our desks.

Pro Care

Dedicated Brass Monkey engineers if required to fix any issues we’re unable to resolve remotely (UK Only)

The engineers who built your Brass Monkey are the engineers who will fix your Brass Monkey. They know every model inside out. Literally. And we’ll get a repair booked as soon as possible if we can’t solve the issue from HQ.

Always-on remote monitoring of your bath’s performance (when wifi connected) 

When connected to wifi, we can see how your Plunge is performing. We receive alerts when anything falls outside of its performance parameters so we’ll often detect an issue before you do. It also means we can update your software remotely, helping us keep your Plunge healthy.

Pro Care

1-year warranty on all parts, including plumbing, cladding and covers 

We build every product from the ground up, from ultra-hardwearing materials to give you a long-lasting relationship with your Monkey, but if something goes wrong, we’ve got your back and we’ll make it right.

Onboarding support for your teams so they know how to care for your members and the product.

Knowledge is power, and understanding how to care for your Brass Monkey helps you care for your members. We’ll provide in-person and remote training on how to support your members with the cold as well as how to use the technology so your team feels fully in control. 

ProCare questions?

If you have any questions regarding ProCare or anything Brass Monkey, please reach out by filling in the form below

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