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Aged over decades maturing Scotland’s beloved whisky - and now up-cycled and reimagined to take you on a journey into cold water immersion. Expert coopers restore every oak barrel in the Speyside Valley before being handed to us for finishing. These barrels are steeped in their own history which is why everyone is stripped back, refurbished and deep cleaned before being resined and oiled. This ensures it’s perfectly watertight and has locked in the original wood colour and uniqueness. No oak barrel is the same; they each bear their own subtle colouring and markings.

Key Features
  • Temperature as low as 3°c
  • Always on UV & filter cleaning
  • Handmade to order in the UK
  • 2-Year Limited Warranty
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  • Each Barrel holds approximately 400 litres and is totally unique in its look
  • The stand-alone water chiller will cool down to a chilly 3°C
  • Wireless connectivity allows app control, over-the-air-updates, scheduling and eco-scheduling
  • Guided content and remote control of your barrel through the app
  • Always on cleaning with a dual filtration system (particle filter & UV light).
  • Each barrel differs ever so slightly but on average they are: 120 high, 100cm wide (120cm with fittings). Each barrel set (inclusive of barrel, step and chiller) weighs around 221Kg when empty and 621Kg when full of water.
  • Each barrel is accompanied by an access step measuring approx 45cm long, 75cm wide and 37cm tall (these measurements may differ slightly).

Our barrels are large and heavy, meaning we need to carefully plan the delivery and installation with you. Due to their size and weight, we recommend a smooth, flat and hard surface from the kerb to where you would like the bath positioned. Any more than three steps, tight corridors, or uneven ground typically requires specialist equipment and sometimes a crane. We’ve managed to get every barrel into position so far. If you’ve any concerns, just contact us.

UK Kerbside & International Orders: If you are an international customer or you select our UK kerbside option we will deliver your barrel to the front of your property where it will be left on a pallet with a protective cover. To get your barrel in to position we’d recommend several strong friends with some lifting straps or a local specialist removals firm. Setting up your barrel is easy; once you’ve placed your order, we will share a short guide on how to set it up.

UK Installation: If you are in the UK and choose our delivery and installation option at checkout, we will work with you from the moment you place your order. All we require is a short video showing us the route from your kerb to the final position of the barrel. Our team carefully review these to ensure we are confident we can place the barrel safely for you. We will discuss any challenges we foresee and solve those with you well ahead of delivery.

How it works


The chiller that connects to our barrel is capable of cooling at 3 degrees an hour and once it reaches target temperature it will maintain it for you. You can simply control the chiller via the Brass Monkey app, which allows you to remotely set and monitor temperatures.


Our barrels are designed to ensure you can just say focussed on your immersion. Using our companion app you can schedule you barrel to be ready when you want it to be bringing efficiency to temperature management. On top of that receive maintenance reminders to ensure your water is always crystal clear.


Access to guided cold experiences from a selection of Brass Monkey partners. We will add contributors and immersion experiences each quarter to help you get the most from your cold immersion.


The barrel uses a simple paper filter, which needs to be changed approximately every 4 weeks, and once a year we’d recommend changing the UV bulb. Depending on usage you should only need to swap the water once a year, twice if heavier use. To ensure your water stays clean for as long as possible we’d always recommend a quick shower before jumping in your barrel!

COLDCARE - Additional services, included with your purchase.

  • COLDCARE - Additional services, included with your purchase.

    Setup and check in calls to help you get up and running

  • COLDCARE - Additional services, included with your purchase.

    Replacement filters (3 months’ particle filters, 12 months’ UV bulbs)

  • COLDCARE - Additional services, included with your purchase.

    Same day weekday remote support response

  • COLDCARE - Additional services, included with your purchase.

    Dedicated Brass Monkey engineers if required to fix any issues we’re unable to resolve remotely

  • COLDCARE - Additional services, included with your purchase.

    Always-on remote monitoring of your bath’s performance (when wifi connected)

  • COLDCARE - Additional services, included with your purchase.

    2 year warranty on all parts, including plumbing, cladding and covers

  • COLDCARE - Additional services, included with your purchase.

    Extended 5 year warranty on the cooling system and on-board computer (if bath connected to wifi and setup using the App within 30 days of delivery)

  • COLDCARE - Additional services, included with your purchase.

    Speak to a Brass Monkey Dip Buddy

  • COLDCARE - Additional services, included with your purchase.

    Dip guides available on the Brass Monkey App

Key considerations

Our Barrel Chillers have been created to be simple to install and maintain. However here are some common considerations to consider ahead of your purchase.
Access image

When thinking about where you will locate your barrel, please consider that the width is 110cm and they are approx 120cm deep. Please ensure there are no obstacles, such as fences, gates, or doors that would block access. Our barrels favour a smooth, hard and flat floor, something they need as they weigh 110kg. Sometimes we need to call in specialists to support delivery. If you are overseas, you will need to make your own arrangements.

Brass Monkey barrel on decking

Our barrels are 120cm high, 100cm wide (120cm with fittings). When filled, they hold 400 litres of water, allowing for displacement when you get in. They weigh 221kg empty and approx 621kg when full. Each barrel is accompanied by an access step measuring approx 45cm long, 75cm wide and 37cm tall (these measurements may differ slightly, due to the unique nature of each barrel).

Brass monkey maintenance image

We recommend changing your filter every 4 weeks. For barrels with heavy usage, you’ll notice by the colour of your water that you may need to change your filters or water more regularly. We would always recommend showering before using the barrel.


Cold water immersion

Natural Feel Good

Cold exposure increases dopamine by 250% - a natural ‘feel-good’ hit, thrown in for free.

Combats Inflammation

Inflammatory diseases are the biggest killer in the modern world. The risks only increase as we age. Cold exposure suppresses the acceleration of disease inflammation and the related pain signals.

Mindset Builder

Facing your fears takes grit. Yes, you were scared. But you went ahead and did it anyway. It feels good, doesn’t it? Taking a dip in the ice, especially when you don’t feel like it, brings an immense sense of power and self-confidence.

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