Feel the power of contrast therapy

Brass Monkey and Sunlighten UK join forces to host a unique contrast therapy experience, exclusively for this year’s Health Optimisation Summit, and you’re invited.Experience the power of contrast as you move between a Sunlighten infrared sauna and a Brass Monkey ice bath on a repeated cycle. Our experts will guide you every step of the way, preparing your mind and body with gentle breathing exercises to maximise your experience.

What’s involved?

Your 20-minute slot will begin with the sauna. Infrared light gently heating the body at a cellular level, sending its energy directly to your cells. A comforting heat that warms you from the inside for a deep and detoxifying sweat. 

After the sauna, you’ll begin your breathwork, coached by one of the Brass Monkey team. We’ll help slow your breathing, bringing focus and calm before you enter the water. Your guide will be with you for the entire dip. You’ll repeat this cycle and end on cold to maximise the benefits.

What you need

We’ll provide changing facilities, all you need is your swimwear, a towel and an open mind to experience the power of contrast therapy. 

What is contrast therapy?

Contrast therapy is the practice of moving the body between two temperature states to gain acute health benefits naturally. First, heating the body at a cellular level before rapidly cooling it on a repeated cycle.

The benefits of contrast therapy

Feel Good

The quest for the undeniable feel-good factor is one of the best reasons to practice contrast therapy. Combining both highly therapeutic methods packed full of proven health benefits one after the other heightens the physical experience of both. Receiving similar benefits from extreme opposites awakens the mind, body, and the senses, leaving you in a total state of rejuvenation.

Cardiovascular efficiency

When moving between hot and cold environments on a cycle, your body behaves like a heat pump. When hot, your skin becomes flushed and pink, as your vessels open, allowing blood to rush to the surface and cool the body while flushing out toxins through sweat. In the cold, this process is reversed as blood vessels constrict, activating a survival mechanism to pump blood away from the cold and protect your core. This cycle will happen over and over as you continue to move from hot to cold, becoming more efficient at warming and cooling over time and improving cardiovascular health.

Metabolism increase

Ending on cold forces the body to reheat itself naturally. But how the body heats itself is where we find the benefits. When immersed in the cold, brown fat cells are activated immediately, burning energy to keep the body warm, and your cardiovascular system moves that heat to the places it’s most needed. But when you leave the water, this process continues. The fat cells stay activated, and neurotransmitters are still firing, helping to continue burning brown fat to heat the body fully back to its thermo-comfortable state.

About Brass Monkey About Brass Monkey

About Brass Monkey

Foundered by three brothers on a mission to bring a safe and exceptional cold water immersion experience to the world. The ice bath they wanted to buy didn’t exist, so they built it and that’s how Brass Monkey was born. With patented technology that creates and releases ice inside the bath on a cycle you control, it’s the only ice bath able to maintain 0°C. Powerful filtration for safe crystal clear water for every dip and full support for both commercial and at-home use with a ProCare and ColdCare package with every purchase. Partnering with gyms, hotels, spas, sport clubs and individuals around the world, Brass Monkey is committed to delivering the power of the cold to as many people as possible. 


About Sunlighten About Sunlighten

About Sunlighten

Sunlighten’s story began over 20 years ago when Connie and Aaron Zack watched her brother’s life transform with the help of infrared light. A decade of failing to find relief from debilitating illness had brought him to a dark place in his health battle with chronic fatigue, mercury poisoning and spinal injury. A dentist recommended infrared light therapy, and it changed his life. He came to life again, able to create his art and do what he loved once again. He founded Sunlighten saunas to share what he had found and bring this healing light to others.