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Introducing your exclusive David Lloyd X Brass Monkey Ice Bath offer

Discover the most powerful way to support your health. Boost your immune system, enhance your mental wellbeing, reduce inflammation, and improve your resilience and focus. Support weight management and muscle recovery while improving brain health with a Brass Monkey Ice Bath that delivers exceptional performance with minimal maintenance.

We’ve partnered with David Lloyd to bring you an exclusive offer with every Ice Bath purchase…

Your exclusive offer package worth £570:

- Free year's worth of filters and UV bulbs to support our 5-stage water filtration system for fresh, crystal clear water with every dip 

- Exclusive Brass Monkey Towelling robe (only available with this offer) 

- Brass Monkey beanie 

- Brass Monkey Rain cover for a water-resistant seal to protect your ice bath topper

Ice Baths for people who demand more

We offer an elite experience from the moment you choose Brass Monkey to your first cold dip and beyond, with outstanding customer service and superior technology that allows your Ice Bath to become a vital part of your wellness routine. Schedule temperatures to be ready when you are, track your dips, get maintenance reminders, and access a wealth of content from guided dips and inspirational stories from those who use the cold to enhance their lives to breathing guides and helpful how-to’s. 

ColdCare Support Package - included with every purchase

We’re dedicated to making sure you get the best possible experience from your Brass Monkey. So we created ColdCare, an ongoing personal service that comes as standard with every purchase. Whether it’s helping you Get Your Cold On, optimising your bath’s performance, supporting with maintenance or fixing a mechanical fault, ColdCare gives you peace of mind we’re on hand whenever you need us.

  • David Lloyd x Brass Monkey

    Setup and check in calls to help you get up and running

  • David Lloyd x Brass Monkey

    Same day weekday remote support response

  • David Lloyd x Brass Monkey

    Dedicated Brass Monkey engineers if required to fix any issues we’re unable to resolve remotely

  • David Lloyd x Brass Monkey

    Always-on remote monitoring of your bath’s performance (when wifi connected)

  • David Lloyd x Brass Monkey

    2 year warranty on all parts, including plumbing, cladding and covers

  • David Lloyd x Brass Monkey

    Extended 5 year warranty on the cooling system and on-board computer (if bath connected to wifi and setup using the App within 30 days of delivery)

  • David Lloyd x Brass Monkey

    Speak to a Brass Monkey Dip Buddy

  • David Lloyd x Brass Monkey

    Dip guides available on the Brass Monkey App

Take the plunge with Brass Monkey and bring the feel-good home. Get in touch with the team for a phone call consultation and discover what life could look like with a Brass Monkey by your side.