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The very definition of a luxury sauna, Wildhut have created a sauna that puts you at one with nature and can be built almost anywhere.

Wildhut sauna

Masterfully hand crafted with the highest quality natural materials, from the Canadian cedar interior to the sheep wool insulation and optional sedum living roof, every decision balances design and durability with the care for the environment. Choose between wood-fired or electrical heat sources, both using HUUM sauna stoves featuring traditional sauna stones and comes app-enabled so you can set your sauna temperature remotely, ready for your arrival. Fancy a sauna in a super-isolated spot? They’ve got you covered with their powerful rechargeable battery for an off-grid solution. As well as a ultra-luxury product, Wildhut deliver an exceptional customer experience, too, with site visits and design consultations to make sure your sauna is everything you dreamed of. And with our 700 colour and material combinations across three models, we can create a heat contrast experience that looks and feels like a matching set.

Key Considerations

While our ice baths and plunges are made to be super simple to install and maintain, here are common considerations to consider ahead of your purchase.
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Air Flow

The mechanical parts of our baths must have access to fresh air. Every ice bath and plunge has two grills. One at the rear, as shown in the picture, and one on the right as you look down the product. We can flip our units if required for a small charge. If you experience ambient temperatures above 42°C please inform us before you buy.

Access image

When thinking about where you will locate your ice bath, please consider the dimensions to ensure there are no obstacles, such as fences, gates, or doors, that would block the bath. Our ice baths favour a smooth, hard, flat floor to wheel into position (they weigh as much as a piano). Sometimes we need to call in specialists to support delivery. If you are overseas, you will need to make your own arrangements for moving the ice bath from the kerb to the final position.

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To keep your water clean, we recommend changing your filter monthly and your UV bulb annually. This should mean you only replace the water every 6 months. For these natural wood finished products, we'd recommend you use Osmo oil annually, to protect the wood and bring longevity to the finish.


Please view a summary of FAQs below. You can view more here. If you have further questions, please contact us.

Our patented process allows us to freeze the bottom of the ice bath, creating and releasing a 20-30mm sheet of ice. We call this whole process an Ice Cycle. Our ice baths run continuous ice cycles until the desired water temperature is achieved, you choose this between 0.2°c and 10°c. The lower temperature will make more ice; ice will appear from 0.8°c and below.

The units are designed to live inside or outside. They are IP44 rated. Outside, it's helpful to be under a canopy, but not essential; this is more for helping protect against direct sunlight on very hot days. The units are freestanding and require no integration. What you will need, a solid and level floor, a standard house power supply near and a hosepipe.

Brass Monkey offers a 2-year Limited Warranty, which applies only to non-commercial, residential use of the Brass Monkey Ice Baths and Plunges.

The Limited Warranty includes replacing parts shown to have defects in workmanship and covers defects or malfunctions that arise during normal use conditions.

The Limited Warranty does not cover damage as a result of adding chemicals to the water, restricting air flow to the vents. neglected filter care and replacement, power outages, lack of attention to low water flow, or any other form of neglect, misuse or abuse. Certain other exclusions apply, as further described in this Limited Warranty.

The Limited Warranty applies only to defects discovered within the applicable Limited Warranty period and only so long as the Ice Bath or Ice Plunge remain in possession of the original purchaser (or original owner if purchased as a gift). All parts covered under this warranty are warrantied for a period of 2 years from the date of delivery. 

Our ice baths are shipped from the UK all over the world. Outside of the UK we utilise shipping partners who will deliver the ice bath to your drive way.

No, our ice baths run off standard home sockets. In the UK this would be a 13amp RCD protected plug socket. If you are planning to put your bath outside you will need an IP rated socket to ensure no water can access the plug.

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