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Ice Plunge

Brass Monkey®
Ice Plunge

The Ice Plunge delivers a deeper submersion experience. As our most popular model, the Plunge is shorter and wider than the Ice Bath for a more upright position when immersed. Ice Cycle technology generates and releases ice, controlled by your companion app. Minimal maintenance with maximum support.

Automated ice creation Automated ice creation

Automated ice creation

Generating sheets of ice that break up as they’re released into the water.

Built beautiful Built beautiful

Built beautiful

Made with durable materials and premium finishes to suit your surroundings.

Easy to maintain Easy to maintain

Easy to maintain

Crystal clear water every time with minimal maintenance.

App-connected & fully supported App-connected & fully supported

App-connected & fully supported

For complete control, 24/7 remote monitoring, and loaded with content to maximise your cold water journey.

Ice Plunges

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Key considerations

Here some are common considerations to think about ahead of your purchase.
Brass monkey maintenance image
Low maintenance

Enjoy crystal clear water every time by changing your filter once a month and your UV bulb just once a year. Replace the water every twice a year. If you choose a wood finish for your Ice Bath, we'd recommend using Osmo oil once a year to protect the wood and bring longevity to the finish.

Brass Monkey ice bath air flow image
Air flow

The mechanical parts of our bath need access to fresh air. Every bath has two grills. One at the rear, as shown in the picture, and one on the right. We can change their position if required for a small charge. If you experience temperatures above 42°C in the place you intend to install the bath, please let us know before ordering.

Brass Monkey Blue ice Plunge

Our Ice Plunges are 170cm long, 92cm high and 91cm wide. They hold 435 litres of water when filled, allowing for displacement when you get in. They weigh 190kg empty and around 625kg when full. In the plunge, you sit up right with your legs bent, back straight. Every plunge comes with a step for access.

Access image
Delivery & access

Our team is on hand to support you with every step of your delivery and answer any questions. Before you order, think about where your bath will live. Consider the width (91cm) to ensure there are no obstacles, such as fences, gates, or doors that would block the delivery. Our baths favour a smooth, hard and flat floor to wheel into position (they weigh as much as a piano). Occasionally, we may need to call in specialists to support with delivery. If you are overseas, you will need to make your arrangements.

Energy efficient

Put simply, it costs as much as buying a bag of ice per day to keep your Ice Bath or Plunge up and running. And when you’re away, you can even switch to Eco Mode to reduce your energy use, while maintaining the water clarity, ready for your return home.

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