Nothing compares to a 
Brass Monkey Pro Nothing compares to a 
Brass Monkey Pro

The King Of Cold®

Nothing compares to a
Brass Monkey Pro

Built for your spa, gym, hotel or wellness centre. The only choice for commercial venues.

The world's first commercial-grade Cold Plunge is here.
Designed and engineered for the
client experience you want to create,
powered by our patented technology.

Hand-built Hand-built


Hand built to a superior factory finish, proven in-market with household names, and backed with a 1 year warranty for complete buying confidence. 

Design and performance Design and performance

Design and performance

Multiple formats and configurations mean we can create the customer experience you want in your house style, with user loads ranging from 50-250 guests per day, per Plunge.

Guaranteed up-time Guaranteed up-time

Guaranteed up-time

Powerful filtration and auto-dosing guarantee crystal-clear waters day after day, all with super-light maintenance from your in-house team. Plus, our 24/7 remote monitoring and in-person support means you’ll receive a rapid response whenever needed.

Customer safety Customer safety

Customer safety

Built by UK engineers meeting PWTAG and SPATA requirements. All our Plunges can be set to temperatures with or without ice for the kind of cold your clients need.

Support for you, support for your clients. Support for you, support for your clients.

Support for you, support for your clients.

We offer a unique cold water immersion experience while taking the risks and guesswork out of the equation for you as an owner with a service-led approach that lasts way beyond your purchase. Enhancing your revenue and elevating your customer experience by giving them access to the incredible health benefits of cold water immersion.

Brass Monkey commercial Cold Plunges

Designed for commercial settings, the Pro Plunge is resilient, powered-up with dual ice panels and enhanced cleaning.

People power. 
We make it easy. People power. 
We make it easy.

People power.
We make it easy.

Customer service means a lot to us, so we have a UK-based team dedicated to making the process smooth and easy. From design experience consultation to project management, post-sale support, and a team of engineers for ongoing maintenance. It’s just one of the things that makes us different.

Our service-led approach Our service-led approach

Our service-led approach

Understanding your needs

In-person collaboration to match your business requirements to the best type of cold water immersion integration. We explore the experience you want to create and the ways we can make it happen.

Engine specification

With your needs understood, we build the technical specifications that fit the requirements of your facility and your business model.

Design & Finish

Whether you choose from our selection of sizes and finishes or prefer a complete custom build, we create a cold water experience that works seamlessly with your existing house style.

Brass Monkey Health
Build & Install

Each Plunge is hand-built and rigorously tested, and if plant-room integration is required, we work with you on-site to complete a meticulous installation and ensure your team is happy to take the reigns.


Every purchase comes with three onboarding calls. One to support the setup and two check-in calls to optimise Plunge performance or support with the first round of maintenance, such as filter changes or temperature control coaching.

Easy to maintain

The technology inside the Plunge allows us to monitor each one 24/7, and our support team is always on hand to help remotely, and in person if ever needed.

Experience design

The Pro Plunge offers a huge range of opportunities to commercially maximise your client offering. Take a look at some of the ways we’ve helped our clients elevate their guest experience, attract new customers, and increase commercial performance.


A private space or gated area for chargeable self-guided programmes and experiences. Ideal for high-end spas or recovery suites and a great way to turn unutilised areas into profit.


Add value to high-end memberships by laying in a premium cold experience. Great for both semi-private or open social areas of your venue.


Bringing a high-end heat contrast experience to your current sauna and steam set-up enhances existing facilities with a premium approach to wellness. Ideal to commercialise any under-used space.


Breathe new life and purpose into your outside space with a cold water immersion experience that works with a jacuzzi or hot tub. We can easily match the Plunge to your existing facilities.


A simple upgrade to your gym that adds a different and premium angle to your fitness and wellness offering. Stay ahead of the curve as awareness of the benefits of cold water immersion continues to explode.

How it works

Patented ice cycles Patented ice cycles

Patented ice cycles

For our commercial plunges we’ve doubled our ice making power on the sides of the unit to allow safe and uninterrupted dips while ice is formed and released. When the Plunge is set to below 2 degrees, we freeze the sides of the plunge and release it in cycles, this creates 15-30mm ice sheets that break up easily and mean your ice plunge can drop to zero degrees with ice in. The ice brings a whole new level to the cold water immersion that no other product can come close to matching.

Automated Automated


Our plunges are designed to ensure you can just say focussed on your customers. We have 6 sensors all feeding into our software to ensure temperature control and ice formation is as energy efficient and precise as possible. Using our companion app you can schedule you plunge to be ready when you want it to be bringing further efficiency to your bath. On top of that receive maintenance reminders to ensure your water is always crystal clear.

Customer experience Customer experience

Customer experience

Need support on delivering your cold experience to your customers? No problem, we are here to help. Coming soon, we will be able to work with you to help promote your new cold immersion experiences. From marketing material through to recommended protocols we are here to help you.

Easy to maintain Easy to maintain

Easy to maintain

We designed the ice plunge to be as maintenance light as possible. Every week we’d recommend replacing your filter and once a year we’d recommend changing the UV bulb. Depending on usage you should only need to swap the water once a month, twice if heavier use. To ensure your water stays clean for as long as possible we’d always recommend customers have a shower before jumping in. Click here to view and download our Commercial maintenance Guide

Luxury at zero degrees Luxury at zero degrees

Luxury at zero degrees

Introducing our new partner, Grantley Hall, Yorkshire’s luxury 5*hotel, and their new Nordic Spa Garden offering the ultimate heat contrast experience in uniquely tranquil surroundings. Discover how we helped balance their wellness philosophy and keep them ahead of the curve, exceeding the high expectations of their guests.

Commercial financing Commercial financing

Commercial financing

We've partnered with commercial finance specialists Johnson Reed to work with you to find the best way to fund your ice bath. We know that cash is king and breaking large assets down into predictable, regular monthly payments makes things easier.

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