Wim Hof Academy: My journey so far

Wim Hof Academy: My journey so far

I’m not going to sugar coat it, my journey to become a certified Wim Hof Method Instructor at the Wim Hof Academy has been pretty difficult so far. The motivation to become a teacher came from the want to expand my own knowledge and then share that knowledge with others. I was inspired by how motivated Wim was to have as many Wim Hof Method teachers in the world as physiotherapists. 

What I’ve found challenging on my Wim Hof Academy journey: 


There is a lot to cover, including around 30 science papers to study. I guess this is reassuring to know that the academy is doing its job and properly training everyone who will be teaching others! However, I underestimated the size of the job at hand.  Not only do I need to find time in my day to read the papers, but I also need to understand the detail behind them entirely. The study covers the method, the cold, breathwork and different combinations of all three.  


One thing I struggled with is understanding how to explain the structure of the method as a story to others. The academy promotes finding your own way to communicate why exactly you practice the Wim Hof Method personally and what motivates you to be a teacher. I’ve found it difficult to explain the teachings of the method in line with the academy but also in my own unique way. This part takes time, study, practice and a lot of self-reflection but you’ll get there!


Between now, September 2022, and Christmas 2022, I’ll be running four mini Wim Hof Method workshops. The challenge I faced here is the logistics and time. Trying to find the time to schedule mini-workshops around busy family life and work commitments was tough. Then I had to find a group of people to take the workshop and the right space to accommodate us all. At the workshop, I need to be clued up and prepared for any questions that might arise throughout the session. As challenging as it is, this is such an important step where I can really put everything I’ve learnt into practice. As well as get insight into what it feels like to be a Wim Hof Method Instructor!

“I’ve come to understand that if you want to learn something badly enough, you’ll find a way to make it happen. Having the will to search and succeed is very important.” 

– Wim Hof 

It’s been a divergent experience. Now I’ve drilled down into the substance, I’m more motivated to complete the academy than I have ever been! If you’re interested in joining the academy, it’s challenging but so rewarding, I say DO IT! Find out more information on the Wim Hof website