What advice would you give to first-time ice bath users?

London Brass Monkey Ice bath guests

Speaking candidly from their own personal experiences, we got together with four friends of Brass Monkey, Professor Green, Joie Risk, Rosie Marcel, and Laurence Fountain, all cold dipping pros in their own right to ask for advice for first-timers.

Professor Green
“Respect it. Respect the cold. Set your intention and find your reason. Everyone has a reason for getting in, whether that’s mental health or physical recovery or mood improvement, just find your reason. If you’ve got a reason, you’ll get in.”

“There’s no right. There’s no wrong. If you want to literally dip your toes in, you can. If you just want to play around with the top of the ice and think about it, that’s cool. If you want to stay in for a minute or try and push it, that’s fine. Experiment with what feels comfortable for the moment and then move on to exploring what feels more uncomfortable. And you’ll find the benefits come from the more you can push the barrier of how uncomfortable you can become. And take your time. Some people are a little more natural at it. Some are more calm getting into the ice and some lose their shit completely. Be open. There’s no judgment. It’s just you and the ice. And the only work there to do is to heal.”

“Same for me, it’s about healing. I’d still be on the suppressants if it wasn’t for this thing. I’d say, make yourself uncomfortable every day. It’s always absolutely worth it. We all need to do more things that get us out of our comfort zone and push ourselves. If that means a cold shower, an ice bath, or a sauna, just get on it!”

“Don’t overthink it.” 

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