We ask Laurence Fountain: What is the role of cold water immersion in recovery?

We ask Laurence Fountain: What is the role of cold water immersion in recovery?

Laurence had been curious about the ice when he began researching recovery methods for his Salus clients. He knew taking cold dips would help reduce inflammation post-workout, but he was also looking for a way to help his clients continue the positive lifestyle changes they’d made during their time coaching with Laurence. Following their physical transformation, they were often left with a feeling of “well, what now?”. The ice provided the answer. 

After his dip at Prof. Green’s house, Laurence realised it was far more than a recovery tool. He instantly knew it was one of the best decisions he’d ever made. To be exposed to such an extreme sensation that forced his body to adapt and change, causing a positive surge in his mood, shifting to a place of inspiration was, in his own words “a total game changer”. 

His relationship with the cold now is a dedicated one, but it’s also one of choice. Laurence doesn’t subscribe to any external social pressures of dipping every day, and doesn’t let it affect the length of time he dips for either. He chooses when and how long for every time, and that sometimes includes choosing not to dip. Exercising willpower and owning your decision is all part of the process.

For Laurence, he chooses to “suffer” a little bit every day because it brings him a wild sense of achievement, purpose, and happiness. He believes there is little point in working so hard to make life ultra-comfortable because when everything is easy it becomes boring. Life is about managing the ups and downs and putting yourself through a stressor life cold, it teaches you to better manage stressful situations outside of the cold. 

Laurence with brass monkey ice baths

Hear more from Laurence when we ask him about the cold as a hormetic stressor, and just like exercise, what does he believe about the cold in terms of resilience building, and what advice he would give to someone using an ice bath for the first time?