The Brass Monkey app & gen2

The Brass Monkey app & gen2

The goal with the Brass Monkey App and our Gen2 units is to give you more control over your Brass Monkey bath or plunge. 

Our Gen1 units, whilst fabulous, they are either on or off. They have a cooling mode to freeze down to your desired temperature or sit briefly dormant before they need to resume cooling again. 

There was no need for them to sit chugging away, especially in a residential setting where they are being used once or twice a day, which was a huge driver in Gen2 development.

Our Gen2 baths are integrated with a companion app, where you can unlock guided content and other cool features, but the main goal of the app is to fine-tune scheduling. 

Our eco-mode and vacation mode allows you to schedule your bath, so it’s ready for when you need it! This means that if you’re a 7am ice dip kind of person, your bath won’t kick into action until 3-4am. 


December 2022 – The Brass Monkey App launch! 

In December our app will be available to download. From the get go, you’ll be able to pair your app with your Gen2 Brass Monkey bath or plunge. In the app you’ll find all the basic functions to control your ice bath remotely, like manually manipulating temperature.

Late January 2023 – Vacation mode, eco mode and over-the-air updates. 

In January our app will be updated with eco-mode and vacation mode, which essentially allows you to set a schedule so your Brass Monkey is ready when you are, whilst using the least amount of power possible.

Also in January, over-the-air updates will be enabled which means the software in your bath can be updated without you having to do anything – winner!

Late February 2023 – Guided content launches. 

Don’t have a Brass Monkey tub? Don’t worry. 

Available to everyone from February, our app will be updated with guided ice dips from expert Daniel Kluken of Inner Mountain Expeditions. So if you get your cold on in cold showers, a DIY tub or in nature, you can still benefit from our App. Daniel is the first of many experts – so watch this space for more!

March 2023 – Maintenance. 

Boring for some but not for us. We want to make sure your bath or plunge stays in the best possible condition. From March, you’ll be able to see your data within our App about how your unit is performing. It’ll show what your unit is doing, when, and how much it’s doing it!

April – May 2023 – Connection. 

Connected tech is the best right? By May 2023, we aim to have our App connected to the tech you know and love like Apple Health, Apple Home and Google Home.

The whole year of 2023 we’ll be developing our app, making tweaks, and changes,  and adding functions wherever necessary to help support your cold immersion journey. 

Believe us when we say we have a list of ideas to further enhance your experience!

All of our Brass Monkey ice baths and ice plunges are now Gen2 in terms of hardware. Discover more here