Preparing for your first ice bath

Preparing for your first ice bath

You know all of the benefits of cold water exposure and you’ve decided to take the plunge and try an ice bath but you aren’t sure about the next steps? Don’t worry, Brass Monkey has got you covered. Check out how to prepare yourself, make an ice bath and our top tips!

Whether your reason for exploring cold water therapy is to conquer your mind or for the health benefits, there are a few things you’ll need to know first to make sure the experience is an enjoyable one. Are you up for the challenge? 

Before you dip

Nail your response

Don’t jump straight in at the deep end with an ice bath. A great first step is to have cold showers. Whilst cold showers themselves don’t have much scientific research on the benefits, regular cold showers will help you understand how your body reacts to the cold and how to best control it. Start with shorter showers and build all the way up to 5 minutes. Once you’ve nailed this, you know it’s time to plunge!

Practice your breathing

Prepare your mind and body with three rounds of 30 deep breathes followed by a hold. This is great for relaxing yourself prior as well as practising controlling your breath ready for when you’re in the bath. You could even Wim Hof Method® mobile app. 

The setup

You’ll need:

  • Ice
  • Bathtub
  • Water
  • Thermometer
  • Towel or dressing gown (for afterwards!)
  1. Run the cold tap until the bath is nearly full and drop in a couple of bags of ice. You can make ice at home or grab bags from your local supermarket. 
  2. Pop a towel or dressing gown within reach for when you’re ready to get out. 
  3. Get an alarm ready. The health benefits of cold-water therapy start from 30 seconds and are delivered at around 2 minutes. For first-timers, we’d recommend up to 1 minute or until a shiver response, whichever comes first.  
  4. Check the temperature and adjust if needed. For your first ice bath keep the temperature warmer, around 12-16°c. 

The Plunge

Once your prep work is done and you’re ready to plunge, set your timer and slowly lower yourself into the bath on an exhale to reduce the shock. Continue to focus your mind on the breathing techniques you practised earlier and remain calm. Before you know it, your timer will go off! 


Top tip: Always exit whilst you feel good!

Step out of the bath slowly, pop on your towel or dressing gown and celebrate your success. Get your body moving with some light movement. 

Congratulations, YOU DID IT!

Do you feel alive?! 

We’d love to know how you found your first ice bath experience. Drop us a message or tag us on Instagram @brassmonkeyice or #brassmonkeyice.