Master the cold with Daniel Kluken

Master the cold with Daniel Kluken

Dutch-born Daniel Kluken has been exploring and teaching cold exposure for over 10 years, working with people from over 40 countries as a high-performance, leadership and mindset mentor. 

Originally, Daniel worked in the corporate world but in 2012, he sold everything from his house to his cars and personal possessions he really didn’t need. From that moment on he was on “a mission to research the science and mental attitude of our modern-day superheroes”.

We first met Daniel back in 2018 when one of our co-founders went to Poland to be trained on a winter expedition by the Ice Man himself, Mr Wim Hof. Daniel Kluken was a senior instructor on the course and the impact he had on the team was huge and lasting. 

Daniel believes in maximising the human potential by having a profound understanding of human behaviour. He coaches individuals and groups challenging them to climb their “inner mountain”, and it’s his proven theory that you can only truly learn by experience. To evolve, “we have to put those insights into practice with the world itself as our training ground.”

He’s coached in Poland, Canada, Iceland, Norway, the US, and of course, in the Netherlands. He trains tv-stars, politicians, millionaires, and top athletes as well as some normal people! The skills he teaches are used in so many walks of life, in diverse situations with mindset building and resilience at its core. 


The advice and techniques he shares in our bitesize video series have been used in the most extreme conditions, making him the perfect partner to guide you through your cold immersion journey.