Brass Monkey Wrapped

Brass Monkey Wrapped

Top Brass Monkey Ice Baths of 2023

Ice bath in full natural cedarwood with a herringbone finish
Your top spot goes to an absolute Brass Monkey classic. Its striking design makes this Ice Bath as much a piece of designer furniture as it is one of the most powerful health tools you’ll ever own.

Ice Plunge in full natural cedarwood with a vertical finish
Perhaps the warming shade of cedarwood helps you warm up after a dip, but this stunner with a vertical wood finish made our second most popular model. An excellent choice for an elite experience.

Ice Bath with millboard and composite in corporate oak and anthracite grey
An elegant colour combination with a soothingly smooth finish. Spot number three shipped to destinations up and down the country, and found new homes both inside and outside in some gorgeous garden set-ups.

Ice Bath with Millboard and steel in burnt cedar and grey blue
Blending two super-durable materials together gives you an Ice Bath with ultimate flexibility. Designed to withstand the harshest of environments with ease, this particular model was a favourite for your pool rooms and more exposed outside spots.

Plunge XL with Millboard top and steel in antique oak and stainless steel finish
And finally, rolling in at number five, this stunning steely beast offers a deeper immersion experience, ideal for all you taller cold-dippers out there.


And now, give it up for the unsung heroes of 2023…

 “The chocolate box”
Ice Bath with Millboard & Steel Finish - Brushed Basalt and Violet Black
This deliciously dark combination of colours could almost melt in the mouth - if only it wasn’t filled with ice. The smooth, soothing finish and the natural high after every dip makes for a very morish experience. 

“The Silver Surfer”
Ice Bath with Natural Wood & Steel Finish - Chalked and Stainless Steel
Our sleek silver Bath shines bright in any surroundings. With a brushed steel front and mirror-like sides, it harmonises with the wildest or calmest of colour schemes, inside or out. A chalk oak top gives a warming natural finish.

“The Grandolphino”
Ice Plunge with Millboard & Steel Finish - Golden Oak and Dolphin Grey
This Ice Plunge sits proud and packs punch, offering a deep immersion experience. Crowned in a golden oak and wrapped in a Dolphin Grey as smooth and sleek as the sea mammal herself.

 “The Woodland Wonder”
Ice Plunge with Full Millboard Finish - Smoked Oak in Herringbone
Double wood is a strong choice, but it just works. This smoky oaky plunge is built to stand the test of time and the harshest outside environments. A natural look, with almost supernatural health-boosting powers.

Monsieur Gris
Ice Plunge XL with Millboard & Composite Finish - Limed Oak and French Grey
Ooh la la! Our XL plunge offers the deepest immersion we have in our collection. A chic combination of Limed Oak and French Grey proves that the beauty and the beast can be one in the same thing. 

 So there you have it, our top models of 2023 and the beautiful Brass Monkey team faves. We cannot wait to see what gorgeous combinations you cook up in 2024!