Best sources for deep cold exposure

Best sources for deep cold exposure

When you first Google cold water therapy, you might be overwhelmed by the 1,260,000,000 search results and wonder who to listen to. I was right there, where you are right now, searching for the best sources for cold water therapy and deep cold exposure to expand your knowledge, gain greater understanding and get some great tips from the pros. 

I’ve listed three of my favourite sources that helped me understand more about deep cold exposure, its benefits and how to master it as a practice. 

1. Dr Rhonda Patrick

The earliest source I found for deep cold exposure and cold therapy is Dr Rhonda Patrick, a cell biologist and cofounder of FoundMyFitness, a compendium of resources focused on promoting healthspan and longevity. I specifically remember watching an interview with Dr Patrick and Ray Cronise, a former NASA material scientist and co-founder of zero gravity. The video is 6 years old but still relevant and be warned it’s a lengthy watch at about 2 hours but 100% worth it.  

Dr Patrick has also interviewed the iceman himself, Wim Hof. They discuss Wim’s cold story, the Wim Hof Method® and the science behind cold water immersion. You can check it out on Youtube here

Other sources with Dr Rhonda Patrick you may want to check out: 

To this day I find Dr Rhonda Patrick’s Youtube channel, FoundMyFitness, a fantastic source for the science and definitely helped me validate other methods such as Wim Hof, from a cold aspect. 

2. Wim Hof & The Wim Hof Method®

This is a great source for nailing down the method and practice of cold exposure. 

Put in the simplest of terms, the Wim Hof Method® is a way to keep your body and mind in its optimal natural state. The method is based on three powerful pillars, breathing, cold therapy and commitment. 

You can find heaps of information on the Wim Hof Method website and there also is a handy app, filled with interactive exercises, breathing techniques, challenges and more. Search Wim Hof Method on the app store!

“A cold shower a day keeps the doctor away.”

-Wim Hof

3. Huberman Lab

Dr Andrew Huberman recently covered ‘Using Deliberate Cold Exposure for Health and Performance’ on the Huberman podcast. He went into detail on everything from the optimal temperature for cold therapy, what time of day is best, to the science behind deliberate cold exposure. 

You can watch on Youtube, listen on Spotify or tune in on Apple Podcasts. The episode is just over 2 hours long. If that’s not your thing, you can read the highlights discussed over on the Hubermanlab website

“Anchoring your mind in cognitive activities as you get into the cold can be very helpful for maintaining clarity of mind.”

Dr. Andrew Huberman

Also, check us out too! Whilst we’re not scientists or doctors but we like to think we know our stuff when it comes to cold water immersion. Head to our journal for heaps of info on how to get started with cold water therapy, the benefits and more.

Dan, Founder of Brass Monkey Ice