One Week Only (5th - 11th June)

Get Your Cold On®: Leeds

One week packed full of fun and informative events, product demonstrations and more.
Team Dips

Spark your team's creativity, focus and energy levels with a 30-45min team breathwork and cold water immersion experience.

Master The Cold

A 90-minute immersive learning experience where you will understand the power of combining breathwork and cold water immersion as well as a dip in a Brass Monkey Plunge.

Product Demos

Want to see and experience a Brass Monkey Ice bath before deciding on your purchase? Book a session with our team and we'd be happy to take you through everything.

Team Dips!

Want to supercharge your team for the day? With a quick and simple introduction to the cold, the key breathing techniques to help you get the most out of your dip. The cold will give each of you a serious hit of dopamine and many other benefits. 30min sessions for a team of 6. We are running two sessions a day, 10am and 2pm Tues > Fri. Get booked in now!

Master the cold

Explore the power of breathwork and cold water immersion together in this 90min experience. Learn the benefits of cold water immersion, how your breath is the key to maximising the incredible benefits of the cold. And of course get your cold on in a Brass Monkey plunge. Join a session on Tuesday, Wednesday or Thursday evening at 18:00. Spaces are limited, so book your slot now!

Book your product demo

You can meet the team for the whole week, view the products and discuss your requirements. If you want to ensure we are free to chat, book in with us! If you fancy testing out the products, bring along swimwear, we have dry robes, towels and a private changing area all set for you!

Or just call in

Our Brass Monkey team is there all week and we'd be more than happy to help at anytime

Victoria Gate (John Lewis)

44, Victoria Gate, Vicar Ln, Leeds LS2 7AU

Mon - Sat, 10:00am - 18:00pm
Sunday, 8:30am - 10:30pm