What should I do if I feel like I don’t want to go into an ice bath?

What should I do if I feel like I don’t want to go into an ice bath?

We all have days when we just don’t feel like it. On these days there are usually three mindsets:

  • You still want to, but you’re just not that excited about it, but with a bit of self-motivation and positive self-talk, you’ll do it anyway. 
  • The second option is, that you don’t want to, but there’s that voice in the back of your mind saying ‘it’s good for you, you should do it”. Maybe go easy on yourself. Today isn’t the day for pushing your limits or testing yourself. In this instance, an accountability buddy can be useful, or remembering that not going in will mean having an unchecked item on your task list for the day – and maybe that will encourage you to just go for it!
  • The third option is when that voice is firmly telling you not to go in. In this instance, you shouldn’t go in. There will be a reason for it and it’s always important to listen to your body.

  • If you’ve fallen into the trap of procrastination, and it’s afternoon or even early evening by the time you decide to go for it, then be mindful of the time of day. 

    The use of cold exposure affects our naturally fluctuating temperature change which is aligned to our individual circadian rhythm. Our body temp is lowest about 2 hours before waking whereas its natural peak is early to mid-afternoon, before slowly declining again before sleep. 

    Our cooling body is what helps us fall asleep and why a cool room for sleeping aids a deep rest. This is useful to know for users of cold-water immersion because it can inform what kind of cold exposure we choose, and when best to take it. 

    A night-time ice bath is much more likely to be counterintuitive to restful sleep as it will warm us up when our body wants to cool down. An ice bath in the morning, however, is going to support the body in warming up when it already wants to do that. Be sure to see what works for you.

    The same goes for trying to cool down with a cold shower or a dip on a hot day. The cold will fire up your natural furnace and make you warmer than when you started out. Beware the power of the cold. It’s a tool. Use it wisely.