A beginner’s guide to cold showers

A beginner’s guide to cold showers

Taking cold showers is the most popular way to get started with cold water therapy, mainly because they are super accessible to the masses and easy to slot into your current routine. There are heaps of benefits to taking cold showers too!

We’ve pulled together some top tips to make your first cold shower a successful one!

Set your intention.

Before getting in the cold shower, set an intention for the experience. This could be as simple as feeling more alert post-shower, building mental resilience or setting a goal of 5 seconds (or more!). 

Visualise yourself succeeding.

Before stepping into the shower, visualise yourself successfully completing the shower and feeling proud of yourself for doing so. This can help to boost your confidence and reduce any feelings of anxiety or discomfort. 

Start with warm water.

Begin your shower with warm water as usual, and gradually reduce the temperature to cool or slightly cold. This gradual change in temperature will help your body adjust to the sensation of cold water.

Limit your time.

When you first start taking cold showers, limit your time to just a few seconds or up to 30 seconds to begin with, gradually increasing the duration and lowering the temperature as your body adjusts. The key is to exit whilst you’re still having fun! 

Focus on your breathing. 

Try to take deep breaths through your nose while you're in the cold water, which can help you relax and stay calm. Avoid taking shallow breaths, which can make you feel tenser or even hyperventilate. 

Find a comfortable temperature.

Not everyone has the same tolerance for cold water, so experiment with different temperatures to find one that feels comfortable for you. You can work on lowering the temperature later down the line, for now, focus on the routine and practice. 

Use positive self-talk.

Instead of focusing on the discomfort, try to shift your mindset by reminding yourself of the benefits of cold showers, such as increased alertness, improved circulation, and reduced inflammation. Hype yourself up - no one will hear you in the shower anyway! 

Celebrate your achievement.

After completing your cold shower, take a moment to celebrate your achievement. What you just did wasn’t easy and it took some mental toughness to get through but you did it! So pat yourself on the back or do a little victory dance, you deserve it! Celebrating your achievement can help to reinforce positive feelings and motivate you to continue taking cold showers.

By following these tips and staying committed to the practice, you can successfully incorporate cold showers into your wellness routine and enjoy the many benefits they provide. Set yourself a routine you can stick to, keep showing up daily and get your cold on!


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