Build The Experience

We build the experience you want to create for your members. By understanding your brand, your space and estimated user-load, we’ll guide you to the right solution for your business. Our Standalone Pro Grade Plunge is the easy and simple way to elevate your gym’s wellness area or sports club recovery suite. With our Spa Grade product, we offer a consultative approach to co-create your guest experience for larger health clubs, wellness centres and gyms. Explore the options and get in touch to talk through your vision and stay ahead of the competition.

A Pro Experience With Pro-Grade

Our Standalone Pro Grade Plunge XL is perfect for gyms, wellness hubs and larger fitness studios. Built with durable high-grade steel, two ice panels and an enhanced dual filtration system, the Pro provides an elevated cold dip experience with a user-load of 50 people per day and minimal maintenance. This freestanding plunge is completely self contained, meaning all technical elements are enclosed within the unit. The Pro also comes with the option to sink the head of the plunge into a partition wall. No need for a plant room, just fill up and plug in. The Pro is installed quickly and easily, and with our companion app, you can control your plunge from the palm of your hand.  

At a glance
·         50 user-load per day
·         Standalone or Partition installation
·         Durable higher grade steel
·         Dual filtration system
·         Two ice panels
·         Large condensing unit
·         Seasonal Campaign add-ons available

The Spa Grade

Our Spa grade product is centred on experience design. Building out your vision with a consultative approach to understand the finer details of the experience you want to bring to your clients. We spend time understanding how your current space works and how we can fit seamlessly into the user flow of your spa. With flexible installation options and powerful filtration systems, we can adapt to your needs based on your space, the user-load and desired experience. From creating a contrast therapy space and outdoor nature-based experiences to designated cold rooms and guided cold dip suites, we work with you to explore the needs of your members and the needs of your business.

At a glance
·         200 user-load per day
·         Design experience-led
·         Full consultation process inc. site visits
·         Multiple installation options
·         Powerful filtration scaled to need
·         Two Ice panels
·         Chiller tech to maintain temperature between users

Standalone Commercial Ice Plunges

Designed for commercial settings, the Pro Plunge is resilient, powered-up with dual ice panels and enhanced cleaning.

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